lundi 8 juillet 2013

And the Oscar for the best timing goes to...

...the unique moment when I realized curly (ok, and frizzy) hair is not that bad, just after buying 20 euros worth of supplies to straighten it up. I have not even been tempted to use a comb anymore, I just splash some water on it every morning and the curls (ok, and the frizzy stuff) are back. Revolutionary.
...the other unique moment when I have started to prepare my heels for summer sandals, rubbing and scrubbing them every night so that they look perfectly smooth in the sandals I have been planning to buy. Buying the sandals, "coup de cœur", yesterday, and they have a closed heel.
...going out with Philippe today, a walk carefully planned when the tree trimming team was working, so as not to be in the appartment when they were trimming the trees under our balcony. Just as we were getting out of the building, the team took a break and they strated working again at nap time. They will probably finish when the nap is over, if they don't manage to wake the little one up before that. Needless to say, MY nap is ruined.
...another unique yet slightly annoying moment when the holidays are officially starting, after having waited for it for something like 9 months, and wishing for it to hurry up every other second. That special day is here now and all I can think about is to go back to school, because I just like it there. This feeling of likeness will of course fade away as soon as I go back to school and the one where I wish for the holidays to come will settle back instead. could go to this one: after being to the students' party 3 weeks ago, which was supposed to knock the walls down and let everyone know how hard they can party, I was slightly dissapointed: the girls came dressed normally and they hid in the toilets to appear with what I call very large belts around their buttocks, with heels so high that they couldn't walk on, literally, they were just standing next to the tables, tables which were full of candies and chips. There was no DJ, so every pupil took their turn every now and then to change the music, and they just couldn't make up their minds about what they wanted to listen to, so we got something like 50 songs in 20 minutes, of no morre than 30 seconds per song. Nobody was dancing, or when they were dancing, they were brutally stoppped by the wannabe DJ  "oh-let-me-play-this-one-I-absolutely-love-it" but the rest of us didn't. Whereas, at the teachers' party, the average age was something like... very hard to pronounce by the 14 years old, but there was: chicken BBQ, champagne, wine, salads, cakes, exotic sangria, nobody got drunk and at the end we were all dancing, inlcuding the 2 colleagues 2 years away from their retirement, on 80's hits the students hadn't even heard about. The DJ was great (the school's cook) and he didn't change his mind every 20 seconds. Who can party now, party pupils?
...this moment perhaps: I just want to buy something, and I really, but really, really can't get myself to think about something I need. Or want, for that matter. So I got everything that was on the shopping list and came back home.
...maybe this moment: the tree trimming team are on a break (again) but the construction team 100 metres down the street just started digging some holes in the concrete.

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