mardi 18 juin 2013

Isn't it just great being a teacher

Well, except for all those weird and annoying moments when students don't learn or they just chat. Those moments that just come one after another from September until June, and then in June they realise the teacher is not so bad, that she was right to ask them to learn the vocabulary and the lessons so that they can feel they are making a progress.
It is in June only that you hear a student say "Miss, you are a great teacher", and you are so moved that you can't say anything but "thank you" and smile, or when you have the back turned to the board and they come and write little sweet love messages in their lovely (but still) bizarre English "You are the best teacher of english, we learned a lot with you, thanks you, cheers". I have taught them to use Cheers at the end of a letter or email to a friend, and now they use it everywhere.
This morning I got another 2 messages from them, asking me how I was and what I was going to do today, it meant the world to me, while I was struggling to install I don't know what shitty CD on my computer which just wouldn't let me. I had to spend almost half an hour looking for some film on youtube about Alaska, which I found in the end, and it was not that bad either, they loved it and they asked me to go on a trip with them to Alaska next year.
Half of them are asking me to join the European section (5 hours of English every week, instead of 3, and it's got a nice reputation too), I hope it is because they have heard that I was going to teach this section next year. I had to say "no" because there are only 32 places and no one is planning on leaving it next year.
Anyways, for sweet instants like these I would be a teacher for the rest of my life and the next ones, should I be able to choose. I quickly forgot all the bad moments with them, and only remember the good ones, when they are just the greatest little people one could hope to be next to. I love them to bits.

4 commentaires:

Dollo a dit…

ce face gândul vacanței din om, fie el elev sau profesor :P

arakelian a dit…

frumos articol :). Mi-a inseninat ziua.

Ioana a dit…

@dollo: pai daca nici generozitatea nu o scoate la iveala, la ce mai foloseste si vacanta aia?:)

Ioana a dit…

@arakelian: mersi:)

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