vendredi 14 juin 2013

A very good bad trip

Since we've had our kids and lost our social life, well not completely but enough to know almost everything about TV and series and even ancient China and Egypt and the birth of science and the likes, since that moment we sort of became alive extensions of our sofa. Mostly me, my better half usually gets stuck in front of the computer on a very cozy chair, playing I don't know what.
So, not to get lost in useless yet sad details, we pretend we're alive when we comment on movies or series. We have a strong penchant for The big bang theory and 30 Rock, although the latter doesn't always keep me awake until the end.
Tonight though it was a liiiitle different, we watched A very bad trip. With the usual apprehension of the American made film about lots of sex, drugs and alcohol, when they try to take it lightly and make fun of it but pretending not to, or the other way round, I'm not quite sure.
Instead we got this little piece of, well, I don't know how to call it, this piece that keeps me awake way past my bedtime, wanting to say how great it was. How many things can one say or do about a bachelor's party? I think they did not even stopped to analyze the question but went ahead and sketched what seems like 4 male stereotypes and they sent them over to Vegas. And the next day they woke up, so did the tiger in their bathroom and the little baby in the cupboard. They know how to take care of a baby for "it's not the first time" one of them found such a thing, and the tiger can just wait there. The thing is they lost the bridesgroom, Doug but they finally find a black Doug, for whon they pay a nice ransom to a Chinese guy, with "little Chinese balls". In an almost Shakespearean way, of course. The mistaken identities that is.
Something makes this bunch of not-so-original stereotypes very sweet and you can't even get yourelf to take the regular pee-break. You can't wait to see what they had been going through, you sneak short peaks as they go back to the hospital, to the wedding chapel, where Stu married a stripper, whose baby was in their hotelroom cupboard. And all this is very funny. And sweet. And you hope they win a lot of money in a casino to pay for the luxury suite, and the ruined car, and you wish Stu sayed married to the nice stripper and that white Doug gets back on time to go to his own wedding.
All is well that ends well, you know that things are going to end up just well, but you don't even have to willingly suspend your disbelief until it every cell in your brain hurts. You can just let them all relax and laugh your guts out, then remember funny scenes and talk about them over breakfast. The stereotypes in comedies have just reached new dimensions. It's more like a play, or, even better, a scene taking place in your neighbours' home. Loved it.

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Alex a dit…

Hahaha is this what the French call what everyone else call The Hangover (1 of 3 by the way!!)... You may also enjoy Horrible Bosses! Glad you had a laugh.

Pusi de la Londra

Ioana a dit…

'abar n-am avut de la ce vine chestia asta, acu stiu:) te pup, enjoy Robbie (?)

Anonyme a dit…

banui ca l-ai vazut dublat in franceza, ca si mine :)

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